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Sorghum is a Suitable Replacement of Maize in Broiler Feeds : Effect on Carcass Characteristics and Internal Organ Weights

S. Abubakar, G. S. Bawa, H. A. Ajeigbe, S. Jarial and Y. Garba
International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics, Kano, Nigeria
*(e-mail :, Mobile : 7807202113)
(Received : June 3, 2020; Accepted : August 10, 2020)


Maize is costly major source of energy in poultry feed. Sorghum usage promotion to reduce prices in feeds and effect of replacing maize as energy source on carcass and gut characteristics of broiler chickens demanded research. 648-day old broiler chicks of Arbo acre plus strain were assigned to nine experimental diets containing 72 birds per treatment with 24 birds per replicate in a completely randomized design of 4 × 2+1 factorial arrangement. Dietary treatments included : D1 : 100% maize, D2 : 50% Farfara, D3 : 100% Farfara, D4 : 50% Kaura, D5 : 100% Kaura, D6 : 50% ICSV 400, D7 : 100% ICSV 400, D8 : 50% Red Sorghum and D9 : 100% Red Sorghum for two months. Three birds of the same sex per replicate were selected based on the average group weight and slaughtered for carcass and organ evaluation. Birds fed 100% Farfara and 100% Red Sorghum had the highest breast weight. In broiler diet, sorghum can replace maize with carcass quality. In broiler finisher diets Farfara and Red Sorghum varieties at 100% inclusion level were recommended.
Key words : Maize, sorghum varieties, broilers, carcass, gut, characteristics