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Determination of Alpha Activity in Soil Samples of Agricultural College of Kerbala University, Iraq

Abrrar Abbas Ibrahim, Abdalsattar Kareem Hashim and Ali Abid Abojassim
Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Kufa, Al-Najf, Iraq
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 07801103720)
(Received : September 16, 2020; Accepted : November 12, 2020)


Alpha activity in 20 soil samples of the University of Kerbala (Agricultural College) was determined using CN-85 detector. Results showed that radon concentrations varied from 1020.375±3.54 to 7596.125±9.68 Bq/m3
with an average of 4308.25±7.17 Bq/m3. AED varied from 0.825±0.10 to 6.142±0.27 mSv/y with an average of 3.48±0.203 mSv/y. Radium content in Bq/kg varied from 0.025±0.01 to 0.188±0.04 with an average of 0.1064±0.035. The results of EM and ES varied from 0.19±0.04 to 1.42±0.13 mBq/kg/h with an average of 0.80±0.0981 mBq/kg/h and from 8.93±0.33 to 66.53±0.90 mBq/m2/h with an average of 35.70±0.67 mBq/m2/h, respectively. However, uranium activity in unit’s ppm and Bq/kg varied from 0.06±0.02 to 0.45±0.07 with an average of 0.25±0.055 and from 0.74±0.09 to 3.15±0.18 with an average of 3.15±0.18, respectively. Thus, the results of this study were less than the world average, which would not pose a significant risk to human beings.
Key words : : Alpha activity, CN-85, soil, agricultural college