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General and Specific Combining Ability of Sweet Corn Traits in Line × Tester Design

E. B. Susanto, A. N. Sugiharto and A. Soegianto
Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, Brawijaya University, Veteran Street No. 65145 Malang, East
Java, Indonesia
*(e-mail : ; Contact : +0341 551665)
(Received : February 26, 2021; Accepted : March 30, 2021)


This study was addressed to test the effect of general and specific combining ability in sweet corn inbred lines to select potential parents and to identify superior hybrids combination through line x tester analysis. Two lines viz., 155 and 98 were crossed with five testers’ viz., LIA7BC, 155BC, 98BC, SBXBC and SBY using line x tester mating design resulting in 10 crosses. These 10 crosses along with parents were planted in randomized complete block design with three replications at Pamekasan regency, Madura island, East Java, Indonesia from July until October 2020 to evaluate their traits. The data were collected on 10 randomly selected plants per replication. The variance analysis of line x tester and combining ability effects were estimated using TNAUSTAD Software. The value of 2gca/2sca exhibited values smaller than one indicated that non-additive genes were preponderant than additive genes for all traits. Line 98 and tester Lia7BC exhibited good effect of gca for days to 75% taselling; tester 98BC exhibited good effect of gca for days to 75% taselling and days to 75% silking; tester 155BC exhibited good effect of gca for number of seed rows, and tester SBY exhibited good effect of gca for ear length. Hybrid 98 x 98BC exhibited good effect of sca for ear placement, days to 75% taselling and days to 75% sinking.
Key words : : Gca, hybrid, line, sca, tester