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Assessment of Use of Some Dyes for Production of Coloured Silk from Silkworm, Bombyx mori L. in Egypt

Karam Telebhussien Issa, Abdelfattah Abdelmagied Ahmed Khalaf, Mahmoud Saad Ibrahiem Saad and Heba Hani Ramadan Ahmed
Zoology Department, Faculty of Science, Zagazig University, Egypt
*(e-mail :;; Contact : +01093551353)
(Received : March 18, 2021; Accepted : May 15, 2021)


Commercial silk fiber delivered by mulberry silkworm is white for the most part. In this study, new dyeing methods were developed by feeding mulberry silkworm larvae at the 5the instar with mulberry leaves sprayed with some dyes as Rhodamine B, Acridine Orange, Bismark Brown, Acid Orange 142 and Direct Red 32 and their mixtures at different concentrations. The results showed that Rhodamine B gave a pink colour, Acridine Orange gave orange colour, but the rest gave no coloured cocoons. Mixing between Rhodamine B and Acridine Orange gave reddish-orange, whereas between Acridine Orange and Direct Red 32 gave the orange colour. The rest of the mixture gave no colour. The efficiency of the used dyes on cocoon and reeled silk indices generally had no negative effect.
Key words : : Coloured silk, textile, silkworm, dyes, larvae