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Quality Characteristics of COVID-19 Functional Nugget from Tuna, Red Ginger and Oyster Mushroom

Wellyalina and Daimon Syukri
Department of Crop Technology, Andalas University, Limau Manis, District of Pauh, Padang City, 251 752,
*(e-mail :;; Contact : +6281270785447)
(Received : February 8, 2021; Accepted : April 14, 2021)


The presence of COVID-19 especially in Indonesia caused the government to issue a large-scale social restriction policy and forced people to work from home (WFH) due to the increasing number of cases. Therefore, to assist the government’s efforts to increase people’s immunity in the current pandemic conditions, nutritional rich nugget products were created which played a role as functional food from red tuna droplets, oyster mushrooms and red ginger as a breakthrough in the food sector. The resulting nuggets had good physico-chemical and organoleptic properties. High protein content (52.43-71.06%) and anti-oxidant activity (9.84-35.25%) made nugget a good source of protein and also acted as functional food for current conditions. In addition, the use of oyster mushrooms and red ginger is known to increase mineral levels and bioactive components in nuggets which are highly needed by the body to maintain the immune system.
Key words : : Oyster mushrooms, red ginger, red tuna droplets, nuggets, COVID-19